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Organizing Closet Clutter

Organizer to the stars Linda Koopersmith has helped Lindsay Lohan get her Hollywood condo in order and now she's offering up tips on how you can clear out your closet clutter!
Closet Tips:
1) Replace shoe/boot boxes with clear plastic boxes. Purpose:
a) to see what is inside
b) to make all the boxes uniform in size for stacking inside your closet
2) Option: Photograph your shoes/boots. Purpose:
a) to easily see & remind yourself of your shoes in a quick glance
b) take a pic of the left shoe only, up close, sideways so it covers the 4 x 6 photo completely.
Attach with two-sided tape.
3) Re-fold everything in your drawers and place it upright. Purpose:
a) gives a birds eye view of everything inside the drawers
b) creates space!
c) label the drawers (inside or out) so others know where to put things back
d) don't forget to color coordinate! Don't forget to do the same for your bras!
4) Use shirt boxes to keep purses upright and stored nicely on a shelf.
a) Color coordinate ladies!
5) Change your hangers to the Slim/huggable hangers. Purpose:
a) Creates about 40% more space! Who doesn't need that! A great way to add some closet real estate!
b) Use slack hangers to also save precious vertical space, and to easily slip a pair off the hanger without a fuss. You can also see all the pant colors more easily by using these hangers!!
Use dividers to separate your clothing on the rod. Purpose:
a) to help yourself and others when putting away your clothing
7) Use jewelry organizers to display your jewelry, and to keep it contained and free from scratches.

Cited from: The Insider. "Tips from Linda Koopersmith - Organizer to the Stars.", 2/10/10.

Getting More Space From Your Shelves

With smaller kitchens nowadays, pantries are not as common so here are some tips on how to maximize your kitchen shelf space:

  • Measure the inside of the cabinet and write down the width and depth of each shelf as well as the distance between shelves
  • Empty the cabinet into piles of like items, such as pasta, tea, cereal and spices and take inventory of the items
  • Check expiration dates and discard old products and start a grocery list to replace old items
  • Cut shelf liner and place it on shelf
  • To organize spices, install a turntable and place your spices on it with the labels facing out. If you prefer, alphabetize them for added convenience
  • Store small, loose packages or boxes of teas, rice, puddings and other items, inside a slide & stack basket. Place them upright so that their labels are visible
  • Use helper shelves to double the shelf space. Place canned goods or boxed items (such as cake mixes, rice and macaroni) on the helper shelves on their sides with the labels facing out, all in the same direction
  • Transfer the contents of opened boxes or bags of food to clear, airtight food storage container. The containers will keep the food fresh longer, which saves you money in the long run and help you keep track of how much of each item is left. Looking through a clear plastic container is the best way to see when you need to make a trip to the grocery store
  • Return the items to the cabinet, keeping like items together

Excerpt from: Koopersmith, Linda. The Beverly Hills Organizer's Home Organizing Bible: A Pro's Answers to Your Organizing Prayers. Fair Winds Press, 2005.

Organizing Under the Sink

For many of us, storage space under the sink is used as a catch-all for everything from cleaning supplies to garbage bags.

  • To double the useable space under a sink, install shelving specifically designed for this uniquely-shaped space. The extra helper shelf takes advantage of the empty vertical space inside, giving you twice the room to store things.
  • Place smaller items, such as sponges and small containers of polish and cleaners into easy-to-lift Slide and Stack baskets.
  • Place the most frequently-used items within easy reach, with lesser used items towards the back. Slide and Stack Baskets can be lifted out and moved around with ease.
  • Pull out Sliding drawers are ideal for a lower cabinet and great for storing appliances, cooking products and other random accessories.
  • If you currently store plastic wrap and aluminum foil in a drawer, free up the drawer by installing a cabinet door Kitchen Wrap caddy to the inside of the cabinet door. Stash the plastic wrap and aluminum foil there instead.

Excerpt from: Koopersmith, Linda. The Beverly Hills Organizer's Home Organizing Bible: A Pro's Answer to Your Organizing Prayers. Fair Winds Press, 2005.

Clutter-free Counters

Sometimes kitchen counters become a catch-all for mail, school papers, cleaning supplies and other items that family members neglect to put away. When you deem it is time get rid of the clutter and take back the counter, consider the following. Here are some tips for clean, organized counter tops:

1. Keep appliances and knickknacks on the countertop to a minimum. Only items with high-frequency use should remain stored on the counter. All others should be housed in lower cabinets or in the pantry.

2. If you use your kitchen as your “home office,” choose a lower cabinet that is wide enough to accommodate one or two file crates side-by-side to get papers off the counter. (This means that there will not be as much room for kitchen storage, however.) Place file crates in cupboards, and organize paperwork with designated dividers.

3. Cleaning supplies with busy packaging can create a sense of clutter, regardless of what else is on the counters. Pour dish soap into a label-free soap caddy and place all other containers under the sink.

4. Make a place for necessary sink items like sponges and scrub brushes. Using the sink divider mats or suction cup sponge caddies wet dishwashing tools will allow these items to dry, while getting them out of the way and off of counters.

5. When choosing a dish drainer, choose one that is multi-functional, space saving, and adds to your kitchen’s overall style statement. Steel or bright glossy colored items reinforce the look you want with out taking away from the look or function of the space.

6. Find room in the pantry or cupboard for open containers of food, canisters, and bread. Transfer contents of opened boxes or bags to clear, airtight canisters. The containers will keep the food fresh longer. Looking through clear containers is the best way to see when it is time to make a trip to the grocery store.

7. Counter tops will stay clear as long as everything inside drawers and behind cabinets doors are organized as well.

Excerpt from: Koopersmith, Linda. The Beverly Hills Organizer's Home Organizing Bible: A Pro's Answers to Your Organizing Prayers. Fairwind Press, 2005.